Caring for your Summer Skin - Summer Skincare Tips

Caring for your Summer Skin - Summer Skincare Tips

During the summer there is nothing better than sun kissed flawless skin. But gorgeous skin doesn't just happen! Below I have listed some of my favorite 6 Summer Skin Care tips, I hope you find them helpful.

6 Summer Skin Care Tips

Stay Hydrated!
Staying hydrated during the summer is important because the summer heat dehydrates us much faster, Replenishing that hydration is vital!

Exfoliating your skin weekly helps to remove all of the dead skin cells that live on your skin's surface! Removing those will help your skin glow!

Use a Fragrance-Free Moisturizer!
Moisturizer without fragrance is less irritating, less likely to cause a reaction, and gentler on your skin.

 Apply SPF Daily!
Protecting your skin from damaging UV rays will help you maintain a youthful glow! Added bonus, you are less likely to dry your skin out with a harsh sunburn!

Cleanse After You Swim!
Taking a shower or bath after you swim is essential to maintaining radiant skin. It helps to remove harmful bacteria, and chlorine that you picked up while swimming.

Limit Hot Showers!
Hot showers are great for opening up your pores, but they can also strip your skin of its natural oils, so opt for a warm shower instead!

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